Meet The Author

Everything is Perfect, is my debut novel.

I’ve written for MamaMia in Australia and Mummypages in the UK and gained a place on HARDCOPY the renowned Australian writers development program.

As a teenager I whiled away the hours (before Tiktok) writing scripts of the drama Bergerac and posting them to the BBC. They were very kind and told me to keep going – which I did!

I went on to earn a BA in Communication and Art History from the University of East London (making friends mostly with the student bar)

After graduation I gained ‘experience’ in multiple jobs selling Persian carpets, acting, working as a receptionist and training as a make-up artist, before gaining dutiful employment at Ogilvy & Mather advertising.

I now live in the sunnier climes of Sydney where I run a marketing and media business with my husband (and supply an endless amount of snacks for my two children and writing companion, a dog called Snoop)

What gets me out of bed in the morning (even if this is sounding like an online dating profile) is exercise, laughter with friends and walking around with multiple characters chatting away in my head eager to get on the page.

An unflinching portrayal of marriage, motherhood and grief. When Cassie's picture-perfect life starts to crumble, no one - not even she - knew the lengths she would go to patch it up. Utterly compulsive reading.
Claudine Tinellis